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Your Partner in Homebuilding Talent Acquisition

At Metcalf Recruit, we understand the unique needs of the homebuilding industry and are dedicated to connecting you with top-tier talent to help your business thrive. We specialize in three key areas: Land Acquisition and Development, Sales, and Warranty Services.

Land Acquisition and Development

The success of your communities relies heavily on strategic land acquisition and proficient land development. This requires professionals who understand complex negotiations, can navigate zoning regulations, communicate effectively with a range of stakeholders, and coordinate the process of transforming raw land into a construction-ready site.

At Metcalf Recruit, we leverage our extensive experience and industry insights to identify top performers in land acquisition and development who can excel within a homebuilding company. We source, screen, and deliver the best talent, tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today.


The sales cycle in homebuilding is intricate and requires professionals who can connect emotionally with homebuyers while managing a complex, long-term sales process. Our recruitment process is designed to find sales professionals who understand this unique landscape. Whether you need a fresh talent to train, a seasoned industry veteran, or someone with specialized knowledge of the 55+ market, we are here to source, screen, and deliver the best talent for your team. Contact us today.

Warranty Services

Providing top-notch warranty services in homebuilding requires a balance of technical knowledge, customer service skills, and problem-solving abilities. We understand these demands and are ready to find the individuals who can rise to the challenge. At Metcalf Recruit, we're committed to sourcing, screening, and delivering the best talent for your warranty services roles. Contact us today.

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