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Insurance Talent Solutions

At Metcalf Recruit, we specialize in connecting your business with top-tier talent in the insurance industry. We focus on roles such as Commercial Lines Account Managers, Client Managers, and Marketing Managers.

Commercial Lines Account Managers

Our recruitment strategy prioritizes individuals who understand commercial lines deeply, can build and nurture robust client relationships, and consistently deliver exceptional client service. We meticulously source, screen, and present the best talent, precisely tailored to your needs. Contact us today.


Client Managers

Client Managers are integral to offering excellent customer service and fostering enduring client relationships. Our approach involves recruiting professionals who possess the ability to communicate effectively, understand client needs, and capably manage and grow client portfolios. From seasoned professionals to emerging talent, we source, screen, and present top-tier talent to meet your unique requirements. Contact us today.

Marketing Managers

In the highly competitive insurance industry, we understand the pivotal role Marketing Managers play. We recruit those who bring a wealth of experience, a proven track record of increasing brand visibility, and a diverse portfolio of innovative marketing campaigns. We source, screen, and deliver the best talent to bolster your marketing team. Contact us today.


Our recruitment solutions are underpinned by our deep understanding of the insurance industry. In fact, our lead insurance recruiter Christopher Thomas holds an active P&C License (Texas 2639603) and has worked in both agency settings as well as internally within the insurance industry. Contact us today.

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