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Interview Prep Series: 1. Why I Want This Job

Updated: May 22, 2023

Interview Prep Series: Over the course of several posts, we will be going through some basic interview concepts that help candidates prepare for interviews. You can see the whole series by choosing the tag "Interview Prep." Each post will go over one part of the interview preparation we do with each of our candidates.

1. Why I want this job.

It is important to have an idea of why you want the job for which you are interviewing. These reasons should be specific to the job you are discussing. “I’m unemployed and I need a job” is a reason that you want a job, but not necessarily this job. Maybe this position will take you a step forward in your career or is with a company where you've always wanted to work. Whatever your reasons, it is good to back those up with information.

You should take time to research the company on their website. Look up other employees on LinkedIn. Look on Glassdoor or other review sites to see what current and former employees say about the company. Additionally, the job itself should be something that you are interested in doing.

While these things may not come up in the interview, it will allow you to feel confident in the position you are pursuing which will come across in your body language, tone and interest level in an interview setting.

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