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Metcalf Recruit

Unique firm focused on finding high performance talent and delivering Best Fit profiles.

We are a specialized recruiting firm dedicated to sourcing high-performing talent. Our expertise lies not only in discovering talent but in identifying achievers who can make a significant impact in their respective roles. In each vertical we work, there is a lead recruiter who has worked in that industry because we believe that experience matters when interviewing talent.

We're more than just transactional recruiters. We're your strategic partners in talent acquisition. We delve deep to understand your business, your culture, and your specific needs. Our approach is holistic, ensuring a fit that goes beyond mere skills and qualifications. This commitment allows us to consistently deliver the 'Best Fit' profile - our unique evaluation that ensures you make the best hiring decisions.

Are you ready for a recruiting partner who works hard to understand what makes your industry and business special?  Let's talk about your needs today - fill out the contact form below or here and a professional account manager will connect  with you within 24 hours. 


Metcalf Recruit stands apart as a firm specializing in precise talent searches within our core sectors. Leveraging our team's collective decades of experience, our mission is to match exceptional talent with outstanding companies. Whether you have a niche role or a key position to fill, we're here to find the perfect candidate for you.



1810 Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada

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